Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning Services are Easy!

For New Jersey homeowners with a wood burning fireplace or stove professional chimney cleaning is affordable maintenance, careful attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the chimney is going to be critical for the safety of your loved ones and the security of your property investment. As the wood, paper, and other substances burn inside the fireplace, dirt, ash, soot, tar, and other debris will regularly travel up the chimney. As homeowners, we sometimes unfairly assume that all of these unburned substances are being thrown out into the open air above, but this is completely untrue.

    A significant amount of this flammable material never makes it out of the chimney stack at all. Instead, it lingers along the insides of the chimney walls, slowly building up over time. If the chimney is not cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, then these flammable materials can easily catch on fire once again, potentially destroying your family home within minutes.

    Many New Jersey homeowners also are under the mistaken impression that chimney cleaning is a dirty and messy process. They worry that hiring a chimney cleaning means that their living room furnishings will become quickly covered in dirt and grime. So they postpone the cleaning process, year after year. When you hire the professionally bonded chimney sweep team from WellDuct, you never have to worry about these types of messy issues. We only use the most advanced equipment available that includes only the highest levels of brushes, CCTV cameras, and vacuums to complete the job without disruption to the interior of your home.

Chimney Cleaning Services reduce the risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!

    WellDuct regularly receives service requests from first time parents of New Jersey for their ductwork and chimney cleaning services. The mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria that can easily grow within these dark and damp spaces can easily lead to a whole host of health issues, especially in newborns and young children. Unclean chimneys can also lead to the buildup of noxious gases like carbon monoxide. Over 200 people every year die from carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States with another 10,000 cases resulting in serious injuries.

Chimney Cleaning
Chimney Cleaning

Professional Chimney Cleaning Service by WellDuct includes the Following Areas:

  • Chimney Sweep
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Wood Stove Gasket Replacement
  • Fire Brick Replacement