Furnace Filter Replacement Instructions: How to Maintain Your Air Duct System

Furnace filter replacement is critical, not only to reduce dust in your house, but also to protect the furnace or air handler itself. Perhaps the most important and sensitive part of your HVAC system is the A/C coil. This coil gets clogged easily, especially when the filter is not changed as frequently as its producer recommends.

This article is intended for new homeowners, who want to avoid wasting money, and unnecessary service.

By following furnace filter replacement instructions you keep your HVAC system clean and raise indoor air quality.
Technically all HVAC systems have filters installed in a return duct or blower fan compartment; these filters protect air handlers as well as clean the air that circulates in your house. There are many different furnace filters on the market.

All filters can be divided into two categories––reusable and disposable. Reusable filters are typically electrostatic, or made of a washable material that can be reused after a regular washing.
Disposable filters are typically made of fiberglass, or paper. From our experience, fiberglass filters are not effective; they do not protect your house from dust entering the vents, which explains their low price.

We recommend that consumers use regular paper filters, as they perform better, and can be purchased at any local hardware store.

There is another kind of filters that can help you with dust mites in your air duct system problem. Antimicrobial air filters work on any systems that use regular filters, including furnaces, air conditioners, and all equipment referred to as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. These filters not only to prevent dirt or other particulates from getting inside expensive machinery and also improve the quality of the air the unit circulates.

It is necessary to check the filter size before purchase. Appropriate filter size can be found on the filter currently in use, or measure

HVAC systems are complicated, and require individual inspection in order to develop the best possible maintenance strategy. WellDuct offers free consultation over the phone, as well as free estimates. Remember, regular maintenance of an HVAC system will make for a healthy, clean household environment—and will save you thousands on unexpected repairs.