Dryer Vent Maintenance: How to Use Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

Clothes Dryer Lint TrapThe vent exhaust for a clothes dryer is a simple duct, but it may become a serious problem, and, in some cases, represent a fire-hazard. Homeowners often ask how to clean their dryer vent, and how frequently this cleaning should be done. Below, you will find detailed answers, as well as more information how to keep your family and home safe.

Here is just an example of one year statistic on home fires from National Fire Protection Association: http://www.nfpa.org/research/reports-and-statistics/fire-causes/appliances-and-equipment/home-fires-involving-clothes-dryers-and-washing-machines

According to most construction codes, regular dryer vents should be cleaned once every other year. In some cases, vents should be cleaned more often because of a number of factors, including:

• Total dryer vent length over 20 ft
• High number of dryer vent elbows
• Dryer machine use frequency
• Dryer machine brand
• Quality of recent cleaning process
• Lint trap cleaning frequency

Lint trap cleaning is critical, since the screen also protects the dryer “blower wheel.” The lint trap must be cleaned after every dryer vent cleaningload. The picture shows failure to perform that action.

Any homeowner may clean their vents, using a simple DIY dryer vent cleaning kit which is available at most local hardware stores. Keep in mind, however, that those kits are made of poor quality materials, and are likely to break during the cleaning process. A cleaning brush left in the vent will lead to a clog, as well as to poor dryer machine performance, overheating, and, potentially, fire.

Some dryer vents require a special cleaning method due to their set up, but an average,step-by-step tutorial on dryer vent access can be found below:

1. First by turning dryer machine on and measuring the air flow that comes out of the vent, you check if dryer vent clogged or disconnected
2. Open the dryer machine door. Remove and clean the lint screen.
3. Connect a paper-bag-equipped vacuum to the exhaust vent from outside,and perform brushing according to the instructions on your dryer vent cleaning kit (electric drill required).
4. After cleaning you must check dryer vent for leaks. If there are any leaks, seal them all with high temperature duct tape

All steps must be performed with care so that you do not damage the dryer vent itself. For the best possible result, you may want to hire a professional, insured dryer vent cleaning company. All WellDuct technicians have years of experience in cleaning HVAC air ducts and dryer vents. We use professional dryer vent cleaning kits to scrape off lint build-up inside the vent, and restore the integrity of the vent. We only use HEPA certified vacuums to perform the cleaning process, resulting in less damage to your indoor environment.